Shane Cloud


Hard work and effort started early for Shane. “That first summer job, I think was 12 years old” remembers Shane. “I cleaned used restaurant equipment, and my Dad was never satisfied until it was shining. If anyone has ever cleaned an old fryer or oven, you either love that work or hate it!” Turns out he loved it. Shane was literally raised in his family's foodservice equipment business. “I worked every job in the building from cleanup, delivery, installation to sales as I got older. Every job taught me more about the industry and planted an idea. I loved that we could create masterful foodservice facilities built for operational need, and still use common sense to install on time and maintain our customers budgets.” A future was born, and Shane was a man on a mission. Today, Shane continues his passion and knows where he wants Maverick Healthcare Outfitters to go. “My first project on my own was designing and equipping a local Mom and Pop restaurant. It was done on a napkin for gosh sakes! Today as I write this, I am working on a roll out of six assisted living/memory care facilities for a national development company. I'm focused on bringing Maverick to the healthcare industry to fill a void that needs filling. Maverick Healthcare Outfitters is based on customer service and support first, and driven by a strong message about why. Why we do things the way we do…. and always, it ‘s for our customers.” “Family has always kept me centered, at home and at work. My wife is my best friend, we have outstanding kids, and with our rescue dogs, we’re just one big happy family.” Plain and simply, Shane represents. With a secret desire to actually run for an office one day, he puts it best like this. “I build long term relationships with my customers, my suppliers and my peers. I have their back at all times. That formula has worked well for us by helping to drive massive buying power for Maverick that in turn assists our customers to maintain their development budgets. Far as I am concerned, it's the only way to do this, and it starts with having your customers' back all the way through each and every project.” Families grow together through thick and thin. In 2013, industry veteran, kitchen design legend, friend and mentor, William McBride combined with Shane to create a focus solely on healthcare design/build. The down to earth duo set forth to build a team and client group that seeks out innovation and practicality in design, supply, installation and resupply. “It's hard work building a brand and a company that means what it says. You have to stick to your guns, as the cowboys say. I've learned to live every day with courage and do what has to be done. My Dad reminds me, you can never pretend challenges will go away….solve the problem and keep moving forward.” “With today's multi-unit operators the old ways just will not work, Maverick and our team are built around solving the needs of senior living development in today's environment while always planning for tomorrow's challenges.” It’s always just been a way of life with Shane. Contact Shane

William C. McBride

Head Honcho / CEO
In 1980, adventurer, traveler and artist, William McBride, Hangman's founder, saw trends in hospitality restaurant design and a need for a company to provide one-stop shopping for commercial kitchens and bars.

Since then, Hangman Professional Kitchen Outfitters has been creating professional foodservice facility design throughout Houston and nationally. “I saw a need to create facility designs that work…. but not by following the old formulas of the past, but rather that deal with rising costs and shrinking footprints. Our clients look to us to design to the space, and approaching each design as a problem solver gets me going every time. I strive to incorporate our client's dream with an affordable reality we can both be proud of!”

“Over the years I have learned to embrace change and to enjoy the challenges! If you listen to your clients, you’ll learn from them on every design.” Now Maverick Healthcare Outfitters and the unique challenges of the senior living segment adds a new path on my journey of learning. “One of my fondest childhood memories is sitting with my father and brother on the floor of our apartment tracking out the astronaut's journey on a map while listening to a radio broadcast of our country's first spaceflight.” From the Devils Hole caves in Germany to skydiving and scuba diving, William loves the ride! “And the best part of everything is when we reach that same level of customer satisfaction!” William describes his best day at work as finishing a design project with a final successful commercial kitchen walk thru with his customer. “I’ve always believed there is no greater satisfaction than giving more than expected and taking less than we could.”

It starts with a consultation. “It actually started with my Mother” as William remembers. Mom's “Shut up and listen!” advice has made an impression on him no matter what the task. William (or Head Honcho as he proudly proclaims) is a cowboy at heart. He remembers the sacrifices and the long trails taken to build the business. “My Dad taught me that if I was going to do something – to do it right. What we do is Design and Build ........ and if you're not a finisher you ain't gonna amount to much”

Head Honcho, Shane and their team of mavericks were built to finish great projects. “Doing what’s best for our customers, taking complete ownership of our work and pride in a job well done, Hangman and Maverick Healthcare Outfitters represents what Design/Build is all about! We are dedicated to ensuring our clients have a great foundation upon which to build their business.”
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Brian King

Account Executive
When foodservice is in your blood, it runs deep and it seems you always come home. Brian grew up in the foodservice Industry and spent his formative years working in restaurants and hotels in almost every conceivable role imaginable, from dishwasher to catering manager to executive chef. “My mother blessed me with my love for cooking. I still think the best evening I can have is cooking with her.” After leaving the operations side of the foodservice Industry, Brian spent many years working in sales and project management roles for a large restaurant equipment and supply dealer
in the Midwest. Brian found the work to be challenging, fast-paced and exciting, and he truly excelled in this capacity.

Filled with world travel, charisma and creativity, Brian has returned to his roots. After working in related fields like hospitality carpeting and commercial insurance, the opportunity to work with a foodservice equipment leader surfaced. Brian feels at home as Project Manager with Maverick Healthcare Outfitters. “I am in my element with the phone buzzing with manufacturer details and specifications and the computer humming with the next equipment specification from blueprint. I strive to be a trusted vendor, not just another one. I want to be counted on as part of this great team. I love the pace of new construction and design.”

Since joining Maverick Healthcare Outfitters, Brian has been extremely impressed with the level of sophistication that go into our projects. “What’s been so impressive is, it's not just our slogan to Ask. Listen. Deliver. I get to drive results. It's a great feeling to be on a project management team that delivers design and Installation solutions as well as we do for customers. Seeing a project from start to finish, with my fingerprint on it as part of a team responsible for a successful build and a customer's satisfaction, is a great place to be for a job well done.
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John Martino

Business Development Manager

Growing up in Texas one of four children, John’s deep family relationships, values, and upbringing mirror many of the Maverick Cowboy Ethics. Learning at an early age to take pride in his work, finish what you start, and always treat everyone with respect, honor and dignity. These are the ethics and values John has used throughout his career, the last 18 years of which has been in the foodservice industry. Working mainly in the healthcare market John has a great understanding of how all types of healthcare facilities operate their day to day activities, specifically in the foodservice areas. John prides himself on professionally managing his business through strong relationship building and a timely, thorough follow-up. All of which embodies Maverick’s project team based results and ethics. Ask, Listen, and Deliver. John comes from a family full of cooking tradition. His mother and father taught him and his siblings how to cook, passing it on from generation to generation. John is a complete “Foodie” and self-proclaimed Chef of his household. “Family comes first” has always been a Martino Tradition, and what is better than the entire family sitting down to a home cooked meal, discussing and sharing stories of the day. “With one of three remaining sons still living in the house, along with my lovely and successful wife LaDonna, we are cherishing the few years left before becoming ‘empty nesters’.” “After 18 very successful years in the foodservice industry, I could have gone to work for many different companies. I decided to join the Hangman/Maverick Team because they are a top notch organization that share the same values as myself. Family, hard work, building strong relationships, and doing whatever it takes to get the job done. American Values. I was amazed at the detailed steps they take to ensure their turnkey projects are delivered as promised, staying on task and always taking care of the customer first. I am so proud to become part of this organization and team!” Give me a call so we can start a great design and build a strong future! Contact John